AWIS Chapter Mini-Grant

AWIS Chapter Mini-Grant Guidelines


To support chapter initiatives focused on increasing membership recruitment and retention.

Application Process

Who may apply?

Any AWIS chapter that has been chartered for more than one year may apply with preference given to AWIS Star Chapter Award winners. A chapter will not receive more than one grant per calendar year. The AWIS Chapter Mini-Grant is considered a grant and repayment is not required as long as select criteria are met. Funds must be requested prior to the event.


The Grant Application Form may be completed by any chapter officer, however, the chapter president must sign the form. The application must contain:

  • name of chapter
  • chapter president’s contact information
  • date of event
  • proposal plan/program description, including expected attendance
  • description of how the funds will be used
  • current chapter membership size
  • treasury balance
  • total funds requested


Applications are due at least 30 days in advance of the date of the event. Applications will be considered on a quarterly basis and are due no later than March 31, June 30, September 30, or December 31. Any applications received less than 30 days prior to the date of the event will not be considered. All applications should be sent to AWIS National either via mail or email.


Funding requests are to be used for activities meant to recruit new members and retain existing members. Funds are not to be used to subsidize membership dues or to support participation to meetings or conferences.

Review Process

Who reviews the applications?

The AWIS Chapters Committee, in concert with AWIS National, will review the applications. Applications will be sent to the committee within one week of the deadline by AWIS National. The committee members will review the submissions and approve or decline applications. If additional information is needed from the chapters, a request will be submitted to the chapter president. When the information has been obtained, submissions will again be reviewed and discussed or deferred if necessary. Selection decision will be on a quarterly basis.

Review Criteria

Review criteria include the plausibility of the proposal relating to use of the funds, bank account balance and size of the expected audience.


Within 45 days of using the funds, the chapter must submit an after action report to AWIS National and the AWIS Chapters Committee.

This report must explain the use of the funds, attendance of the event, and a short 300 word write-up with two photos with captions to use in either the AWIS Magazine, AWIS Washington Wire, or on the AWIS website.

Chapters that fail to submit the required report will:

  • Have future chapter rebates withheld until the grant is repaid or the report is submitted
  • Be ineligible to participate in the AWIS Star Chapter Award

Notice of the above actions will be communicated to the chapter president by AWIS National and the AWIS Chapters Committee.

Download the AWIS Chapter Mini-Grant Application.

Find out more information about the AWIS Chapter Mini-Grant Guidelines (like where to send applications).


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